A passion for slow fashion, producing small runs with a focus on sustainable and ethically made clothing.

Each garment is designed in Australia and carefully produced by a family run business  in Indonesia.

BAE ensure the longevity of their clothing by sourcing high quality, natural materials, offering modern cuts and creating beautiful, timeless pieces.  We aim to design clothes that will remain ‘relevant’ for multiple seasons. 


 BAE chooses to only work with fabrics and fibres such as linen, hemp, cupro, cotton, rayon and viscose. The natural fabrics we select are both environmentally sustainable and renewable.


We encourage our customers to send back BAE’s clothes that are no longer worn which we pass on (through non-profit organisations) to people who are in need.



BAE is now offsetting our carbon emissions through partnership with the Australian company, Carbon Neutral.

We generate a carbon offset by investing in tree planting, which helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.Through this program we purchase carbon credits which Carbon Neutral use to plant native trees in select regions in Australia. This helps to offset our carbon impact which is generated through staff travel, freight, water and electricity, office consumables and waste. The minimum threshold to qualify for this program is an investment of 189 trees per year.



BAE is very passionate about doing our part in reducing the negative impact on our environment. We are conscious that over 6.4 million tonnes of plastic are dumped into the ocean every day.

To ensure we do not add to this outrageous stat, all our domestic and international orders are sent in compostable packaging. These bags are 100% biodegradable, created from corn-starch, a renewable plant material.